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Emma Dupree feature image
  ON February 01,2021

Black Herbalist Spotlight: Emma Dupree

The woods gal. Little medicine thing. Granny woman. Aunt Emma. To the question, “what’s in a name?,” I would argue that Emma Dupree’s many given nicknames help to tell the story of who she was. Emma Dupree (1897 – 1996) was a Black herbalist whose work touched countless lives in her rural North Carolina community. …

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  ON November 13,2020

De Materia Medica: The Ancient Text that Changed the World

There is a grand mystery and pleasure in reading ancient texts that can still fulfill our curiosities about the human experience. Writings about herbalism are no exception, as they give us a sense of how our ancestors lived, survived, and interacted with the natural world around them. De Materia Medica, Latin for “On Medical Material”…

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