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  ON August 14,2020

Practices and Herbs for Happiness

Given the drastic upheaval that has touched all of our lives in 2020, feeling a bit more stressed or run ragged than normal is to be expected. We are living in unprecedented times—a time of great hope and potential and also a time of great loss and uncertainty for many. If you wake up most…

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How To Embrace Hygge During Winter | Herbal Academy | In this post, you will discover the basic concept of hygge, and how to embrace hygge to aid in your happiness this winter.
  ON December 14,2018

How To Embrace Hygge During Winter

Over the last few years, the Danish concept of hygge has become downright trendy. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary shortlisted it as one of the most influential words of 2016. And, since research states that Danes are some of the happiest people in the world, it seems that hygge bears paying attention to. But…

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