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What Everybody Ought To Know About Flower Water | Herbal Academy |Do you know flower water is safer to use than essential oils and has a broad range of applications? Here's how to make it!
  ON April 17,2017

What Everybody Ought To Know About Flower Water

Is it a “flower water,” “floral water,” or a “hydrosol/hydrolat”? Although many herbal and cosmetic retailers and websites use the terms “flower water,” “floral water,” and “hydrosol or hydrolat” as synonyms, they are not always the same thing. While there is overlap in these categories, there are flower or floral waters that are not hydrosols…

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flower water
  ON May 24,2013

Make It: Flower Water

At this time of year, I am often stopped in my tracks by a sudden sweetness carried by the wind. A quick look around will reveal a blooming delight nearby, spreading its fragrant essence through the air. Today I found the roses outside my house blooming after a long winter’s rest, unfolding their strong petals…

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