How To Use The "Folk Method" To Make Herbal Preparations | Herbal Academy | Learn what the folk method is, the differences between it and the ratio method, and how to make an herbal preparation this simple herbal technique.
  ON January 24,2019

How To Use The “Folk Method” To Make Herbal Preparations

When it comes to making herbal preparations, one of the simplest ways to go about it is to use the folk method. The folk method is often used by beginner herbalists because it’s a simple and easy method to follow, but that doesn’t mean it’s for beginners only. Many experienced herbalists continue to prefer this…

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  ON July 29,2014

Understanding The Simplicity Of Herbs

Some herbalists use a healing art called “simpling,” referring to the use of one herb at a time rather than in formulas or in combinations. These single herbs  are called “simples” and the people who use them, “simplers.” We can all benefit from learning to understand the simplicity of herbs. No matter how much I…

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