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  ON August 12,2015

Local Herbs for the Home Apothecary

With so much interest in the local foods movement and how it benefits the environment, our local economies, and food security in our communities, it’s natural that some herbalists want their home apothecaries to be as local as possible, too. For some of us, we long to connect with native plants in our surroundings as…

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  ON August 07,2015

Creating Your Organized Apothecary

Building a home apothecary is an exciting part of learning herbalism. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes from having everything on hand and ready so that you can mix up the perfect herbal tea blend or formula at a moment’s notice. But as your home apothecary grows from a few herbs to a…

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  ON July 31,2015

Art of the Alcohol-Free Apothecary

Extracting herbs in alcohol is a quick and simple way to preserve their benefits for later use, so it’s no wonder that the little brown bottles of extract have become ubiquitous. Pre-made extracts are available for sale in almost every herb shop, and it’s easy to mix up a batch at home using vodka or…

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