Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich
Specialist InNurturing health care for queer and trans people
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Vilde Chaya Fenster-Ehrlich came to herbal medicine with the desire to bring effective tools for self-care to her life and her community. She found the rich world of plant medicine to be completely thrilling — meeting the vibrant flowers and herbs and trees in their various habitats; learning about the traditions and the science of the medicine, and understanding how our bodies work and how plants can work with them! She has been practicing herbalism and teaching workshops since 2007, with the intention of making herbal medicine accessible, connecting people to the plant world, and help empower people to be in charge of their own healing process. To this end, she has helped start and support free clinics in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Arizona. She is preoccupied with creating sweet, accessible, and nurturing health care for queer and trans people and communities and dismantling the pernicious gender binary in the way we think about biology, health, and society. She believes in our capacity for healing and wholeness and a little bit of joy, and knows that we are better off facing our life struggles with plants as our partners. You can find her at her website, and on Instagram @vildechaya.