Tara Welty


Tara began her study of complementary therapies with Plant Spirit Medicine in 1998, continuing onto Jin Shin Jyutsu and Zero Balancing. She graduated from the Ongiara College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in 2012, receiving her Diploma of Acupuncture after completing over 3500 hours of study. She has an additional 1400 hours of postgraduate education in acupuncture as well as being a trained Auricular Detoxification Specialist (NADA protocol). A licensed acupuncturist in both West Virginia and Ohio, she is also a member of the West Virginia Board of Acupuncture.
Tara is an enthusiastic educator and public speaker. During her time at Ongiara College, she was also a member of adjunct faculty teaching Western herbalism, homeopathy and naturopathic first aid. Today, she regularly gives talks on healthy living from the perspective of Oriental Medicine as well as herbal beer brewing workshops. A native of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Tara began studying the cultivation and use of medicinal herbs from a young age. Over the years, she has studied with Stephen Buhner, Kathleen Maier, Matthew Wood and David Winston. With Stephen’s encouragement, she began offering workshops on herbal beer brewing in 2003. A lifelong gardener, she is never happier than when her hands are in the dirt or driving a tractor.