Tegan Feudale


Tegan's interest in herbalism began at an early age, although certainly not by that name! Her father is an avid gardener, hunter, forager and cook and as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It wasn't 'herbalism', just a way of life. Growing up in south central Pennsylvania, she enjoyed the abundance of wild plants and learning about their culinary and medicinal uses. After receiving a degree in Web Design, Tegan moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to complete a 1000 hour yoga teacher training program at Centered City Yoga. She taught for several years, specializing in restorative yoga and serving special populations through yoga as a therapy – all while expanding her career in web design and marketing. In 2022, while helping out at a friends herb farm in western Colorado, the opportunity arose to pursue herbalism in an academic capacity, and she enrolled in the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism's fundamentals program. After graduating, Tegan decided that herbalism needed to be a bigger focus for her life and began searching for ways to combine her passion for herbs with her profession. She's thrilled to be joining the Herbal Academy team as a marketing specialist, sharing her passion for herbs with others. Tegan continues to dig deeper into our relationship with plants, with a strong focus on ethnobotany. She finds value in learning how plants support us, as well as how we can support plants and be good stewards of their habitats.