Selena Rowan
Holistic Health Practitioner


Hailing from the wild redwood forests of northern California, Selena Rowan has made her home in Portland for the past two years. Ten years of herbal study in bioregional Western herbalism and Ayurveda, five years of service as a community herbalist in retail apothecaries, and over 30 years of practice being a human inform her work. Balancing a background in biology with a commitment to radical embodiment and reconnection to nature, Selena works to help uncover reservoirs of resilience in those she supports. Learn more about her practice, Nine Sisters Botanicals, on her website, She is obsessed with taking pictures of flowers and making collages, which you can check out on her website or @ninewyrdsisters on Instagram.
Selena is eternally grateful for the teachers who have supported her on this path: Christa Sinadinos, Greta de la Montagne, Traci Webb, K.P. Khalsa, Janet Czarnecki, Sabel Regalia, and others. Selena dreams of a world where ideals of mutual aid, earth renewal, and love guide us in all we do.