Sarah Outlaw, C.B.H.C., M.H., N.R.T
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Sarah Outlaw is a nutritionist, herbalist, health coach, and Nutrition Response Testing(sm) practitioner at the Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey. She began her journey to natural health when she began having children over 15 years ago. Her own health struggles with Lyme’s Disease and autoimmune issues led her down a more holistic road to educating herself in herbal medicine and nutrition. She earned her health coach certification in 2006 and opened 90210 Organics, and herbal apothecary. She also blogs about real food and herbs at Real Food Outlaws. She has continued her advanced education in herbs and nutrition at Vintage Remedies, Ulan Nutritional Systems, and New York Chiropractic College. Sarah lives on a 6-acre farm with her husband, 4 homeschooled children, and various animals. It is Sarah’s joyful obligation to be a healer and teacher in her community, and help others through natural methods as she has been helped.