Shona Richter MacDougall RH (AHG)
Student Mentor
LocationMontpelier, Vermont
Specialist InPregnancy & lactation, Children, Digestion, and Sleep & Stress. Formulation


Shona is a clinical herbalist who holds her Registered Herbalist (AHG). As owner of Earth Rhythm Herbal, which is located in Central Vermont, Shona spends her time either seeing clients, growing herbs, wild crafting and making herbal tinctures . Shona is an avid gardener with a great love of the outdoors.
She graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Botanical Studies, with her Clinical Herbalist Certification. In addition, she holds a Bach Flower Essence Practitioner certification, Level 2. Shona also pursued her education in homeopathy, by taking a course Vail, CO. Herbs have been her passion for 27 years.
From teaching classes at Colorado Mountain College, to working at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, in the professional clinic, Shona has worked in many aspects of herbalism. She has had experiences such as managing herb departments, working on an organic herb farm, making salves for an Herbal company, all of which has turned her into the herbalist she is today.
Being an herbalist, Shona addresses the root of a problem, helping you to be in touch with yourself and listen to your body. Using herbs diet, stress management, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle changes in her practice. She loves to share her knowledge and inspire others in their love of herbs.