Rachel Ross
Contributing Writer
Current WorkCertified Nurse-Midwife


Rachel grew up between two nature sanctuaries as a child, spending hours outside in 200 acres of wilderness. It was formative and profoundly influential for everything else she did from then on. In college, Rachel pursued a degree in biology and then acquired a masters in botany, choosing to participate in research-based projects concerning wetlands conservation and fire ecology work. Giving birth, breastfeeding and raising children brought Rachel into maternal/child nursing professionally. “I was empowered by the magnificence of a woman’s ability to give birth. I did it, naturally, without any intervention 5 times! I wanted to ‘be there’ for women so I could unveil this great truth for those open to listen.” Over her childbearing years, she acquired her RN, MSN and finally, CNM. She has the IBCLC credential- the hallmark certificate for lactation consultant that is recognized by healthcare insurance companies for reimbursement. Rachel is currently practicing as a Certified Nurse-Midwife at Anne Jacques Hospital in Newburyport, Massachusetts. She sees the plants as powerful allies to nourish, strengthen, calm, and heal. Her humble hope is to share this knowing with you. Learn more about Rachel Ross on her website, Hillside Herbals.