With family roots in Florida going back four generations, Renee Crozier Prince RH(AHG) was taught as a child how to respect and live off the land. Because of her lifelong relationship with Florida’s ecosystems, she has a deep and relational knowledge of its medicinal plants and other forms of life that can’t be found in books. Her work focuses on bioregional plant medicine as well as conservation and underserved communities, and she has been practicing and teaching herbalism and traditional healing for over 20 years. She has spent her life working to protect the plant allies of our Earth while honoring and safeguarding the indigenous traditions that have been entrusted to her by her teachers and elders from diverse parts of the world. Renee founded Four Elements School of Traditional Medicine in 2022 to support those aims as well as offer a new generation of herbalists and healers the knowledge that has been gifted to her.