Rachael Pontillo
Skin Care Professional
Specialist Inprofessional herbal skincare formulation; custom skincare formulation; skincare business consulting


Rachael Pontillo, M.Msc, FDN-P, CIHC, LE is a holistic skincare innovator, author, and educator specializing in professional herbal skincare formulation and custom skincare formulation and skincare business consulting. Though based in the Philadelphia area, Rachael primarily teaches and works with clients virtually.
She is the bestselling author of the book Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, and co-author of The Sauce Code. She’s a functional nutrition practitioner, AADP and IAHC Board Certified International Health Coach, licensed aesthetician, and natural skincare formulator and educator. She’s the president and co-founder of the Nutritional Aesthetics® Alliance, the creator of the popular skincare and healthy lifestyle blog, Holistically Haute™, as well as the much-loved online Create Your Skincare® courses. She’s an avid herbalist, skincare ingredient connoisseur, and lifelong learner.
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