Rebecca Beyer
Foraging expert
LocationBarnardsville, NC
Specialist InForaging


Rebecca Beyer is a farmer, forager, folk herbalist, woodcarver, and witch from Barnardsville, NC. She has been learning and teaching in the Primitive Skills community for the last 10 years. She teaches foraging professionally as well as primitive skills classes, folk herbalism, Appalachian witchcraft and folk magic. She spends her time doing botanical illustration, researching the folklore of Appalachian plants and writing her blog: Blood and Spicebush.
She is currently stewarding land at the Hawk & Hawthorne, a community of magical people growing food and teaching classes on foraging and esoteric arts in Western North Carolina where we co-runs a folk herbalism school The Sassafras School of Appalachian Plantcraft with Abby Artemisia.