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Meagan Visser is a Registered Nurse turned folk herbalist from the southern Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee where she lives with her husband and four young sons. Her herbal journey began during her first pregnancy while working night-shift an a RN in her local Emergency Room. It was during this time that she relized she wanted to raise her children in a completely different way than what she was seeing, and she needed to lead by example. She began to learn about herbs, living naturally, and healthy eating, and she has slowly incorporated those things into her and her family's life over the past 8 years. Her desire to become an herbalist and to share her knowledge with others began after following herbalist Shoshanna Easling, owner of the Bulk Herb Store. From there she decided to take her herbal education one step further and joined Herb Mentor where she began taking online herbal courses from various herbalists and studying a variety of different herbal teachings. She credits herbalist Rosemary Gladstar as a huge inspiration to her. In 2014, she began her formal herbal education at the Herbal Academy, and she is currently working her way through the Advanced Herbal Course. She is the owner of Growing Up Herbal, a lifestyle blog about living life naturally. There she hopes to educate and inspire other natural-minded moms to embrace natural living one day at a time through healthy whole foods, using herbs for health and healing, and living a simple life. She is also the blog coordinator for the Bulk Herb Store blog and the Herbal Academy blog. Meagan feels extremely blessed to have left a career in modern medicine in order to pursue a career in traditional medicine that allows her to live the lifestyle she loves. Her ultimate goal is to help further herbal traditions by passing them on to the next generation.