Mia Underwood
Communications Department
LocationOakland, CA & Houston, TX


Mia, a Texan, living in Houston, Texas, and Oakland, California has joined the Herbal Academy as a leader of the student moderator team in the MyHerbalStudies (MHS) student online community. When she is not engaging in herbal studies, striking up conversations in MHS, hiking, foraging, growing food, teaching children how to appreciate the nature around them, and meeting Northern California’s farmers and foodies, she is a French trained pastry chef, and the chef and creator of Mia’s Munchables, and OnyxHippie.com. She was recognized as Healthy Chef Houston 2018! She is also an organizer of a vibrant flourishing community garden in Lower Bottoms, Oakland, and a documentarian of Oakland’s herbs, blueberries, squash, and calendula. In addition to gaining a strong culinary background from women in her family she also learned respect for nature and “mama Earth” from her aunts, grandmother, and great-great grandmother and comes from a super strong background in African spirituality. Mia has joined two of her loves foraging and feeding, which is not only represented by her herbal culinary craft and love of exploring, creating, and feeding people, but also extends to finding what feeds the mind, body, and soul. Mia has been vocal in helping communicate hers and other participants’ experience in the students’ online group and she is an encouraging conversation starter, creative maker, enthusiastic herbalist, and friend to many in the student community.