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Molly Jo is a lifelong dedicated student of ecology, ethnobotany, herbal medicine, yoga, mindfulness, permaculture, ceremony and music. She believes that when humans live with the awareness that we are sacred beings within a much larger, wholly connected, divine system, we are empowered to make choices that truly nourish ourselves and, therefore, all beings. She works to inspire all people to reconnect to a sense of place within themselves, their communities, and the great web of life, thereby cultivating a lasting reverence for our extraordinary existence. She holds a Masters in Education at Antioch University, in the self-designed program, Educating for Mindfulness and Sustainability. You can find her working passionately at the intersection of human and ecological wellness, from sharing mindful movement, wilderness exploration and sustainability practices with students of all ages in wild places, classrooms and on yoga mats, to coordinating Zero Waste efforts at Yoga festivals and beyond.