Liane’s herbal journey began after her diagnosis of infertility and a year of fertility treatments. She began exploring holistic ways to improve her health, as well as the health of her growing family. She soon discovered herbal medicine as a way to help manage the cuts, scrapes, and viral illnesses that are so common with children. As she learned more, and started seeing firsthand the power of plants, Liane realized she wanted to be more than a “home herbalist.” So, after spending twenty years in corporate marketing, she jumped into more formal herbal education.
In 2018, Liane was certified as an herbalist by Maria Noel Groves of Wintergreen Botanicals in NH. She was accepted as a peer-reviewed registered professional herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild in 2021 (RH, AHG). Liane also completed an Integrative Fertility 1-year Mentorship Program with national fertility expert Dr. Jaclyn Chasse in 2020. She is a professional member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), volunteers as an infertility peer support leader for RESOLVE New England and is an Education Advisor for Wintergreen Botanical’s herbal training programs.
Liane’s clinical herbal practice is located in her hometown of Andover, Massachusetts where she focuses on fertility, preconception planning, hormone balance, stress and sleep. She also sees clients from all over the country using video conferencing. Liane’s approach to health is simple and holistic. Using traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific research, Liane combines herbs with lifestyle and dietary changes to help bring the body back into balance.
Her passion for learning keeps her busy with herbal seminars, continuing education programs, and conferences.
In her free time, Liane enjoys experimenting with new herbal tea blends, making herbal tinctures, or creating a new class to teach in her community. She loves spending time with her husband, their two daughters, and their poodle. She uses herbs daily to help stay energized and balanced.
Specialist In: fertility, preconception planning, hormone balance, stress and sleep