Katie Woods
Contributing Writer


Katie Woods is an herbalist, holistic esthetician, massage therapist and owner of Ritual Skincare and Apothecary. Her love for skin-loving plants is a never ending discovery process that plays out in the treatment room with clients, as well as in the classroom with students. Her goal is to prove to others that healthy skin and spirit is cultivated through daily skin care and plant rituals. Her earliest encounters with plants began as a child in the dense forests of Vermont, crafting herbal skin potions and connecting to nature. Many years later, she attended Esthetics and Massage Therapy school and became a licensed skin and massage therapist. Through trial and error with clients, she quickly learned that skin health is a reflection of internal wellbeing and that plants used externally and internally help create balance, radiance, and long-term health. She began herb school and the rest is history! Today, when Katie isn’t operating Ritual Skincare, she is working on crafting her herbal skincare line, teaching botanical beauty classes, writing, and creating. Katie is currently in the process of moving back to her home state of Vermont to get back to her roots. Follow her journey on Instagram to see what’s next!