Jillian Twisla


I am a clinical and community herbalist, a shamanic practitioner inspired by my ancestor’s healing practices, an ancestral lineage healing practitioner (completing certification), a mother of three young children, a lifelong ritualist and animist, and a teacher with 9 years of experience guiding folks into deeper relationship with plants and other spiritual kin. Primarily in my work I see myself as a guide, witness, cheerleader, and ally to my client’s process of healing, reconnection and empowerment.
My work is deeply resourced by my ancestors and guides and I work from a place of co-creation with them to develop coursework and to hold effective session space. I identify as a queer, bi, white woman, and I use she/her and they/them pronouns. I am humbled and grateful to live on the traditional lands of the Wabanaki People in what is currently known as Maine.