Jane Metzger
Education Department
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As a child, Jane’s love for plants began with the curious and edible button fruits of mallow weed and the sweet smell of poplars bordering her family’s farm fields in northern Michigan. She foraged wild spearmint from stream banks with her brother and wild elderberries for jam with her mom. She began gardening at a young age, and was introduced to the world of herbalism during a summer job at an herb and garden shop when she was 18.
She spent the next two decades learning, growing, and using herbs for herself, while earning a B.S. in Geology and an M.S. in Geosciences. Jane worked for 15 years as a geologist/environmental consultant, and began her own herbal products business on the side. Jane continued her formal education by embarking in herbalism training with the Gaia School of Healing in Vermont, and found her bliss connecting with plants and bringing their nourishment and therapeutics into daily life.
In 2014, Jane joined the Herbal Academy to pursue her love of herbalism, writing, and photography. Working in the Education Department, Jane does editorial work, helps to develop courses, answers student questions, and puts her project management skills to work.
Jane continues her ongoing pursuit to deepen her relationships to plants and expand her knowledge of herbalism through study, gardening, and observation. She has come to understand that wellness isn’t defined by the lack of illness or challenge, but by the daily steps one takes to truly nourish, support, and care for oneself. She derives great joy from growing, wildcrafting, and preparing her family’s food and herbs and supporting their well-being with plants, and is honored to share what she has learned to support others’ on their learning journey.