Jennifer Galbraith
Herbal Crafter
LocationSouth Carolina


From a young age, Jennifer has been drawn to the world outside her window. She was fascinated by the way that the natural world can influence a person’s mood and fresh air refreshes the lungs. It wasn’t until she was older and started to explore the concept of homesteading and natural living, Jennifer came to find herself in love with the idea of herbal medicine.
Jennifer spent several years as a personal injury paralegal watching the effects of modern medicine on injured clients. The passion to learn how to better help not only those clients, but also her own family and friends, led Jennifer to the Herbal Academy of New England where she immersed herself in her studies and began to seek out classes, books and any other source of information she could find to locate a more natural answer.
This led her to start offering herbal remedies to her family as well as others through her homestead page, It has since been a great pleasure for Jennifer to see her husband, children, and friends curb the side effects of prescription drugs, including helping a dear friend recover during chemotherapy.
Jennifer is passionate about gardening, wildcrafting, homesteading and raising her children in a chemical free world. Knowing that with all of the new technology and discoveries, sometimes the best solution to a problem comes in the knowledge we learned at our grandmother’s side. She invites you to join her as she digs dandelion root and smells the aroma of salves, teas and poultices warming on the woodstove. Grab your trowel and mortar and pestle and read on.