Heather Saba is a Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist and Medical Anthropologist in Boulder, Colorado. Her training and private practice are built on the Vitalist Tradition of Herbalism, but she also strives to incorporate wisdom and materia medica from other traditions including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine among others.
Part of her core focus as an herbalist is to help herbal and holistic support become accessible for all. For this reason, her private practice is largely offered through distance consultations and she is excited to work with one of the leading online herbal education platforms, the Herbal Academy. While a large branch of her passion lies in holding one-on-one herbal and nutritional sessions, she is also drawn to the art of designing and creating classes. Heather has taught and curated a variety of different courses focused on herbal studies, meditation, herbal product making, medical anthropology, nutrition, and the philosophy of Plant Poetics. She is an avid writer and recently started her own blog and whole-body wellness site:
Growing up in Virginia, she would constantly inquire: ‘What can I do that is Natural?' and ‘What is the root cause?'. Receiving little answers that rang true to her, she journeyed on to discover them for herself. An avid traveler, she first realized her passion for herbalism and preserving traditional knowledge while living in the Northern Andes of Carhuaz, Peru as a participant researcher for the Center for Social Well-Being. After receiving her BA in Sociocultural Anthropology and Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, she broadened her horizons to learn how to apply her knowledge to the plants and then the people.
Her devotion led her to work with and deepen her study of the plants of the Mountain West, learning their roots in physiomedicalism and native traditions at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, Colorado. A permaculture enthusiast and perennial gardener, Heather also works for Dynamic Roots, a high-altitude herbal company, Alpine Botanicals, a budding bioregional, biodynamic herbal apothecary-to-be, and Authentic Hemp Company.
When Heather is off-duty, you can find her writing, dancing, cooking, in a yoga flow, exploring new pockets of land, meditating, meeting new plant communities, diving into a good book, nurturing a garden, or hiking with her two pups Gaia and Luna.