Holly Poole-Kavana
Clinical Herbalist
LocationWashington DC


Holly Poole-Kavana practices as a clinical herbalist, grower, and medicine-maker in Washington DC, where her priories are connecting people to local plants and incorporating an anti-oppression framework into herbalism. She holds a BS in botany from Cornell University. She began serious study of herbal medicine in 2005 with Adam Seller, then completed an apprenticeship with 7song and a clinical mentorship year at Sacred Plant Traditions before starting a clinical practice in 2011. Her business, Little Red Bird Botanicals, has offered an herbal CSA since 2010 and has brought many hundreds of people closer to DC's flora through urban plant walks. She is committed to making herbal care accessible through sliding-scale fees and seeks to support local social justice organizing through herbal fundraising and donations of locally-grown herbs. Holly also works as a midwife's assistant in the DC metro area