Hannah Kincaid
Content Marketing Coordinator
Specialist InWriting, editing, and content management
ExperienceBA in Journalism
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Hannah's love for the natural world began as a young girl, when she spent her days exploring the prairies near her home and making "potions" from berries, flowers, and mud. Years later, while earning a degree in journalism, she worked at a local tea shop and learned that the potions of her youth could translate to teas and tisanes for daily wellness. After graduating college, Hannah began working as an editor at Mother Earth News magazine. Over the course of the next seven years, she transitioned to Senior Health Editor and then Editor-in-Chief of both Mother Earth Living and Heirloom Gardener magazines. During those years, Hannah was blessed to work with - and learn from - many leading herbalists and authors. Today, Hannah uses her editorial background to help botanically minded brands create content that inspires and educates their audience. She grows medicinal plants, leads a local herb club, and is enchanted by the process of distilling hydrosols in her copper still. Connect with Hannah on Instagram to see what she's up to next.