Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz


Lead Herbalist Educator Felicia is an author, curandera, and Lead Herbalist Educator contributing to Herbal Academy courses and fostering community through educational offerings.
Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz is an award-winning author, curandera, natural foods chef, and Lead Herbalist Educator at the Herbal Academy, where she teaches over 100,000 students worldwide.
Born and raised in the Sonoran Desert, where one-fifth of the desert's flora are edible and medicinal, Felicia was deeply influenced by the women in her family who shared incredible herbal stories of healing, childbirth, food, and faith from their time growing up in northern New Mexico. Keeping this living tradition alive for generations to come, Felicia now shares that ancestral knowledge, along with her own herbal magic, through storytelling, kitchen medicine, folk remedies and more.
Felicia is the author of the highly praised Earth Medicines: Ancestral Wisdom, Healing Recipes, and Wellness Rituals from a Curandera and the inspiring children’s book, Nana Lupita and the Magic Sopita. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Food & Wine, Spirituality & Health, Martha Stewart, Healthline, and the popular Taste The Nation Show with Padma Lakshmi, among many other publications and platforms.
As a Lead Herbalist Educator at the Herbal Academy, Felicia shares her sage wisdom, ancestral knowledge, and experiences with students through her contributions in course development teaching and contributing to a suite of herbalism courses from beginner to advanced, clinical levels. Felicia aims to foster engaging student community spaces by leading interactive student classes, teaching in educational webinars and podcasts, and representing Herbal Academy in various speaking engagements with herbal conferences and events.
Felicia lives with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona where she works with the sun, the moon, and the elements, offering medicine workshops and one-on-one healing sessions for her community.
You can follow along with Felicia and her work on Instagram at @feliciacocotzin and @herbalacademy as well as on the Herbal Academy website at theherbalacademy.com. If you’re interested in booking Felicia or other Herbal Academy teachers for an event, please submit a request at theherbalacademy.com/contact-us/.