Don-Nine Van der Heyde


My name is Don-Nine Van der Heyde, I am mother, daughter, patient, healer, both a part and a steward of our planet. I am a clinical phytotherapist (medical herbalist) and associate lecturer of clinical content. The motivation for my lifestyle and chosen career path is to gain for myself and others access to a better understanding of ourselves and our environment; in order to interact with our natural environment and others both in and out of our species in a way that brings value to all. Promoting conscious living through natural medicine and diet both in and out of home while remaining in mind, body and spirit part of our planet and kin to species on our planet both human and other. As far as education goes, I earned a bachelor of science degree at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, followed by a bachelor degree in phytotherapy at the same university and a professional master’s degree in the human microbiota at Technological University based in Spain.