Allyson Speake is an educator, naturalist, homesteader and artist living in the forests of New Hampshire where she works to ensure the next generation has the opportunity for meaningful encounters with nature. She holds a BS in Childhood Studies, and after many years of teaching in a traditional classroom setting, she embarked on the journey of discovering ways to bridge the gap between children and the natural world. She has worked with wilderness programs, homeschool co-ops, and both Montessori and Waldorf settings to help parents and educators reconnect and build a stronger relationship with the environment. Her goal is simple: to foster a love of wonder and curiosity in the natural world. She is continually learning and growing as she strengthens her own connection to the earth through studying herbalism. She runs a small online shop, Tanglewood Hollow, where she offers a selection of thoughtfully curated educational resources, curiosities, and nature-based products. You can find her shop and resources at + follow her journey on instagram at @tanglewoodhollow.