Agatha Noveille
Specialist InWestern Herbalism, Horticulture
ExperienceCommunity Herbalist
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Agatha Noveille grew up in gardens. Each of her grandparents grew fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs in miniature Edens that reflected the personalities of their caretakers. When she wasn't exploring her family's gardens, she often spent rainy afternoons curled up in an armchair with stacks of herbal books gleaned from her grandparents’ library, so it was only natural that she eventually blossomed into a plant related career path.
Now an herbalist and author, she is especially interested in herbal emergency preparedness strategies, community wellness topics, and native and naturalized plants. Agatha runs Common Branch Community Herb School, which focuses on providing quality herbal education at no charge to local community groups and nonprofits. She offers the Plants of Merit herbal learning programs to support Common Branch outreach, and is thrilled to partner with the Herbal Academy. Her personal blog, The Independent Herbalist, is a lively mix of DIY projects, introspection, and creative inspiration for spirited herbal living.