Ayo Ngozi, M.S.
Community & Clinical Herbalist & Educator
Specialist InAdrenal and Nervous System Wellness
ExperienceClinical Herbalist
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I am a community and clinical herbalist and educator based in New Bedford, MA. A native of western Massachusetts, I grew up in the woods, but didn’t find my way to herbalism until after working for many years as an arts administrator and visual artist in Washington, DC. I completed my M.S. in Clinical Herbal Medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2012, where I specialized in adrenal and nervous system function. In my private practice, I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds to support them in creating greater health and wellbeing, and to offer new possibilities using an approach that integrates both scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom.
I’m also passionate about empowering others through education in both community-based and academic settings. As Lead Instructor at Centro Ashé’s Grassroots Herbal Program in southern MD, I facilitate the development of family- and community-based herbalists at a wonderful farm and apothecary space. I also served as a teaching assistant for online courses at the Maryland University of Integrative Health’s departments of Integrative Health Sciences and Health and Wellness Coaching. More recently, I was a member of the course development team at the Herbal Academy, where I both helped develop learning programs and contribute as an educator, and I also helped to support and mentor advanced level students. In 2019 I founded The Creative Root to help people connect to their healing and creative birthrights.
I also teach workshops at conferences and symposia, from Brooklyn to Costa Rica, whenever I have the opportunity, and continue to integrate herbs and healing philosophy into my art practice. A fourth-generation descendent of Virginia herbalists, I’m committed to passing my knowledge, experience and deep respect for the natural world on to my two wonderful sons.