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Alyson Morgan is an herbalist, homesteader and writer living in the Driftless region of Wisconsin where she is works with bioregional plants to reclaim relationship to the earth.
She holds a BA in International Relations from UC Davis in climate change, natural resources and global health. Her work is centered in the nexus of climate resiliency, homemaking, sustainable living and herbal knowledge. She has studied herbalism with Evolutionary Herbalism, Herbal Academy, Asia Suler and One Willow Apothecaries, and has learned from many other herbalists and mentors through conversation and conferences.
She learns daily from the connecting with plants on her homestead. She runs a small online shop Earth Star Herbals where she offers flower essences and other herbal offerings for living through the anthropocene. She spends her time healing ancestral wounds through writing, growing plants, taking photos and mothering. You can find her shop and blog at + follow her journey on instagram at @alysonsimplygrows