Amanda Klenner
Community Herbalist
Specialist InChronic autoimmune conditions, children, and women in their child-bearing years.


Amanda is a community herbalist in Westminster, CO. She specializes in helping those with chronic autoimmune conditions, children, and women in their child-bearing years. Her struggles with PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility linked to Celiac disease has given her a special love for helping families get onto the right path, so that they can find their path to optimal health.
She is the owner and publisher of Natural Herbal Living Magazine, a monthly online publication that focuses gaining a deep, profound understanding of one herb every month. Additionally Natural Herbal Living provides a service which sends herb boxes for their subscribers who want to touch, feel, taste, smell, see, and work with the “herb of the month”. She does this because she believes in building a profound relationship with just one herb at a time will make us better herbalists than works which cover a larger collection of herbs more superficially. For example; many publications note that chamomile is good at relaxing nervine, but they don’t have space to discuss how it can also be used for coughs, fevers, indigestion, and many more common ailments. It is her hope that If people can learn just 10-20 herbs they will have the foundation they need for their own herbal pharmacy right in our very own kitchen, and that they won’t succumb to the allure of the exotic high priced herbs that pop culture sometimes pushes. In addition to her publication, Amanda also teaches local classes monthly and hosts a local apprenticeship program every year.
Amanda loves hiking, botany, wildcrafting, tree hugging, and building relationships the local and abundant plant allies that can be found all through the Rocky Mountains and surrounding plains. She also has a geeky side, playing board and video games with her husband and friends, watching sci-fi, and reading historical fiction. You can find her on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.