Alison has been an herbalist since age 13 and has been in clinical practice as both an herbalist and nutritionist since 1997. She received a spiritual calling to work with plants for healing due to her own health challenges. She attributes this experience to a genetic memory, as her Canadian great-great grandmother Zoe was a renowned herbal healer and midwife. After many years of self-study, she studied botany and ecology at College of the Atlantic. She later earned a master's degree in nutrition from University of Bridgeport. She has completed certifications in therapeutic herbalism (David Winston's School for Herbal Studies, David Hoffmann, Tieraona Low Dog), Chinese herbalism (The Connecticut School of Herbal Studies) and aromatherapy (Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy). Alison has had extensive experience in herbalism, ranging from that of a gardener, educator, co-owner of an herbal apothecary, wild foods enthusiast, retail nutritionist and instructor in higher education. She loves to grow, wild havest and make her own medicines. She currently works remotely with clients and is in the process of expanding her practice to include energy healing in the Kausaypuri Andean mystical tradition and shamanic healing arts, with a focus on healing grief. Alison is the author of a children's book, "Lua the Llama & the Mountain of Joy", as well as numerous articles on herbal medicine and nutrition.