1 Oct 2015

The Most Magical Spring Harvest

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Over the month of September, we challenged our readers, students, and herbal community to connect with the WILD side of herbalism –sharing pictures about foraging and using wild herbs! We enjoyed seeing so many wonderful, inspiring pictures. We enjoyed previewing your apothecary, foraging adventures, medicine making experiences, and new wild discoveries. So many beautiful entries, but there can only be one winner…

Congrats goes to@blueberrye3 – we loved the way you captured your WILD life!

Mywildlife myherbalstudies win

This was the most magical spring harvest for me in the universe! We cartwheeled while picking the abundance, We rolled in the chamomile ahh that smell we laughed sang & enjoyed the therapeutic action of picking flowers – I drink the tea and the bliss of this day comes back to me???????? #myherbalstudies #mywildlife” 

Original post: https://instagram.com/p/72T1gmsKCz/?taken-by=blueberrye3