ON June 22,2016

Enhance Your Herbal Education with these Affordable Resources!

Aromatherapy and herbalism are vast subjects, and learning them is a joyous, life-long journey! Many of us are simply impassioned with a desire to learn and we often find ourselves looking for new resources to expand and deepen our knowledge of these subjects. Building a home library is extremely helpful for anyone learning about aromatherapy…

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herbal resource
  ON September 10,2015

A Special Herbal Resource

As we’ve been talking about this year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, we wanted to be sure to tell you more about The Herbarium as we realize some of our readers may not be familiar with this herbal resource! The Herbarium membership is an extension of the Herbal Academy; our virtual and vibrant collection of herbal resources….

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  ON September 09,2015

97% Off Herbal Resources

As they say, there is a first time for everything! We’re beyond thrilled to fill you in on a “hush hush” project we’ve been cooking up this summer. We’re excited to announce a new deal for our membership program, which may be a one time savings; so tune in and get the scoop… Here at…

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