Learn To Identify Cleavers In Our Newest Plant Walk Video | Herbal Academy | Join us on the plant walk video all about cleavers!
  ON June 29,2018

Learn To Identify Cleavers In Our Newest Plant Walk Video

We’re back with another plant walk video from Herbal Academy Assistant Director, Jane Metzger. In this video, Jane will be showing us how to identify cleavers as well as sharing some common preparations this plant is used in. Just click play on the video below or watch it on our YouTube channel. Cleavers Name/Family:  Cleavers, Galium aparine…

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How To Use Dandelion Greens For A Healthy Liver | Herbal Academy | Dandelions are surprisingly nutritious! Here are 4 ways to use them in your diet for a healthy liver!
  ON March 20,2017

6 Spring Herbs You Can Forage Now

Spring is just around the corner and foragers everywhere are looking forward to the first spring foliage as it bursts from the earth. For centuries, humans counted on spring’s nutrient rich plants for food and nourishment after a long winter consuming stored foods. While fresh food is now available all year round for most Westerners,…

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Stinging Nettle | Herbal Academy | Stinging nettle is an amazing superfood herb that is readily available during the spring and summer months. Learn how to use it in this post!
  ON July 08,2012

Stinging Nettle

What plant has the highest amount of protein, by weight, of any plant? Hint: it’s not a bean, lentil, or pea, and you can gather it yourself in wild and not-so-wild places. The answer is stinging nettle. Stinging nettle is an amazing superfood vegetable that is not only high in protein but also in calcium, magnesium, iron,…

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