A DIY Floral Delight Soap Recipe You’ll Love! | Herbal Academy | Enjoy this Floral Delight Soap recipe from our Botanical Skin Care Course. It makes a lovely bar of soap that you can enjoy yourself or gift to a friend!
  ON July 10,2019

A DIY Floral Delight Soap Recipe You’ll Love!

The craft of soapmaking is regaining popularity as people become more interested in learning more about traditional skills and homekeeping. While some people approach soapmaking as an artistic outlet, others make soap and shampoo bars in an effort to control the safety of the ingredients in the products they use in their homes, and some…

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  ON March 06,2015

How to Make Your Own Soap + Herbal Recipes

One of my favorite ways to utilize herbs and essential oils is by adding them to my handmade soap. Soapmaking is a great skill to learn on your journey to a healthier life, as you control what goes into it so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. It can also be a…

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