4 Options for Herbal Ground Cover | Herbal Academy | If you need to fill a space in your garden bed or where grass has a difficult time growing, we have 4 great ideas for herbal ground cover!
  ON March 23,2021

4 Options for Herbal Ground Cover

An herbal ground cover is a great option for gardeners looking to fill empty space in their garden beds or fill patches in the yard where grass has a difficult time growing. Some people even grow ground covers as an alternative to traditional grass lawns, which require heavy watering and feeding to maintain.  Ground covers…

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  ON July 10,2015

Get to Know the Versatile Chamomile Plant

From the Astereraceae (daisy) family comes the Matricaria recutita (German chamomile) and Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile). Both are known as chamomile, although North Americans tend to use the German chamomile plant, while those in the UK use more of the Roman variety. These two unrelated chamomile plants share many of the same constituents, have a similar appearance and aroma,…

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