9 Edible Flowers and How To Use Them | Herbal Academy | Discover how to use edible flowers and take a closer look at nine of our favorites!
  ON June 09,2017

9 Edible Flowers And How To Use Them

The use of edible flowers in cooking is an act of pure earthly delight! Fragrance and sheer beauty combine to create a truly sensually scrumptious experience right on your plate. You may be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of flowers to enjoy. Discover how to enjoy using edible flowers and take…

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Is Red Clover Safe During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding? | Herbal Academy | Red clover is generally a safe herb to use, but is it safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Find out our opinion in today's post!
  ON July 27,2016

Is Red Clover Safe During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding?

Sure, it’s a valuable herb for women (and men too), but is using red clover safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Generally, red clover is a safe herb to use, however, when it comes to this season of a woman’s life, there are a few important things to consider as there are many conflicting views surrounding the…

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  ON August 28,2015

Red Clover Blossoms

How many times have you walked passed these red clover blossoms without even a second thought? I remember picking them as a little girl and being struck by their beautiful purple color whilst sucking out the sweet nectar from their blossoms. Little did I know just how magical they were, with such a long list…

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  ON April 09,2014

Red Clover, Red Clover, Bring Healing on Over – Red Clover Tea

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a well-known “weed” introduced to North America by European colonists and is now commonly found in fields, roadsides, and in yards from May until September. This herbal perennial in the pea family (Fabaceae, also known as Leguminosae) roots itself with a long taproot and rises up with a slender, hollow,…

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