How To Formulate A Gut-Nourishing Herbal Tea Blend | Herbal Academy | Learn how to formulate a gut-nourishing herbal tea blend from start to finish, and keep your gut happy and functioning properly!
  ON September 18,2019

How To Formulate A Gut-Nourishing Herbal Tea Blend

Making a gut-nourishing herbal tea is a tried and true herbal preparation that herbalists of all backgrounds turn to time and time again. As ancient Greek physician Hippocrates proposed so long ago, “all disease begins in the gut.” This insight holds true today since so many health imbalances often have a direct connection to the…

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Introducing 3 New Herbarium Features To Help You Grow As An Herbalist | Herbal Academy | We are pleased to announce that even more resources are being released to The Herbarium community! Check out these new Herbarium features today!
  ON July 10,2017

Introducing 3 New Herbarium Features To Help You Grow As An Herbalist

Over the last three years, The Herbarium has become a cherished resource, providing herbalists of all skill levels with in-depth resources to advance their herbal learning through constantly updated herbal monographs, thoughtful articles, and educational podcasts, videos, and charts. We are pleased to announce that even more resources are being released to The Herbarium community…

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  ON October 01,2015

The Most Magical Spring Harvest

Over the month of September, we challenged our readers, students, and herbal community to connect with the WILD side of herbalism –sharing pictures about foraging and using wild herbs! We enjoyed seeing so many wonderful, inspiring pictures. We enjoyed previewing your apothecary, foraging adventures, medicine making experiences, and new wild discoveries. So many beautiful entries, but there can only be one winner……

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  ON September 23,2015

Plantain, A Story

We have plantain growing all over our yard. I’m a new, not yet budding herbalist, and I have yet to use it. I have been lying in wait for someone in my household to get a bug bite so that I could try crunching up a leaf and making a spit poultice. I have been…

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fall harvest
  ON September 16,2015

Giving Thanks for the Fall Harvest

The time has come again. Fall is right around the corner and it is time to start collecting and harvesting what Mother Earth has given to us. She has been very good to us this year, here in Michigan, with all the good heavy rainfall that we had at the beginning of spring which has…

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  ON September 15,2015

My Wild Life Giveaway with Traditional Medicinals

As summer turns into fall, many herbalists and students of herbalism revel in the splendor of this turning of the seasons. As the nights become longer and the days become crispy, we work to harvest all of the lovely botanicals that have thrived and grown during those long, hot summer days. Harvest time is filled…

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  ON August 28,2015

Red Clover Blossoms

How many times have you walked passed these red clover blossoms without even a second thought? I remember picking them as a little girl and being struck by their beautiful purple color whilst sucking out the sweet nectar from their blossoms. Little did I know just how magical they were, with such a long list…

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  ON August 05,2015

How to Make Gold Milk with a Spin!

Have you been enjoying the #myherbalstudies community on Instagram? We are building community with fellow classmates, teachers, members and fans and readers by using the hashtag #myherbalstudies in Instagram uploads. We welcome you to join in the fun. Share your herbal adventures – what are you making, foraging, gardening, studying, creating, eating, preserving? Nothing is…

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