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Student Share: Shaili Sutaria & Island Kiss | Herbal Academy | Today we have an interview with Academy student Shaili Sutaria, founder of Island Kiss beauty products.
  ON August 29,2016

Student Share: Shaili Sutaria & Island Kiss

It is a joy to watch our students gain confidence as they explore their herbal studies. As teachers, we love to see the many ways our students take what they’ve learned and then go on to blossom on their own unique paths as herbalists.That’s just one of the many reasons we love staying in touch…

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  ON August 12,2016

Teacher Feature: Bevin Clare

We are blessed with many wonderful teachers at the Herbal Academy, and we are delighted to help you get to know each of them through a series of interviews here on the blog! Recently, you met one of our teachers through an interview we shared with Maria Groves. Another one of our Associate Educators, Bevin…

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Interview with Herbal Academy teacher Maria Groves
  ON July 12,2016

Teacher Feature: Maria Groves

We are fortunate to have many amazing herbalists as Associate Educators here at the Herbal Academy. They share their knowledge and expertise for our online herbal courses, contribute articles and other resources to The Herbarium, and are often active members of our MyHerbalStudies communities on Facebook and Instagram, as well. We are delighted to share…

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