ON April 13,2023

Aviva Romm’s Gentle Evening Tea

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Aviva Romm, physician, herbalist, mother, and midwife, as she shares this gentle evening tea, a calming blend that makes every evening a celebration! In this blend, Aviva includes three familiar herbs and shares her blend in the video below. Aviva is the author of multiple books, including Hormone Intelligence,…

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A Floral Craft Project to Celebrate Herbalist Day | Herbal Academy | Herbalist Day is the perfect opportunity to thank the herbalists in your life. This floral craft project is sure to bring a spark of joy to your local herbal friends.
  ON April 08,2021

A Floral Craft Project to Celebrate Herbalist Day

Herbalist Day is right around the corner (April 17!), and it’s the perfect opportunity to thank the herbalists in your life for the positive impact they’ve made on you.  Whether they crafted a nourishing recipe just for you, shared their herbal know-how, helped you find greater wellness, inspired you to connect with the plants around…

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  ON April 10,2020

A Heart-Warming Herbalist Day

April 17th marks Herbalist Day — a celebration of the many teachers, peers, and herbs that have guided you through your journey as a herbalist thus far. As we all navigate a time of uncertainty, one thing that remains vital is the need to tend to the heart, both physically and energetically.  This Herbalist Day,…

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Free Botanical Thank You Card Downloads | Herbal Academy | Happy Herbalist Day! We have compiled a list of free resources to help you make this Herbalist Day (April 17th) special for the herbalists in your life!
  ON April 07,2018

Free Botanical Thank You Card Downloads!

Happy Herbalist Day, friends and community! Today we are putting together a complete list of free botanical thank you cards, herbalist day cards, botanical banners, herbal gift cards, plant-illustrated wrapping paper, and more to equip you with all the intentional gift giving resources you need to celebrate the friends, mentors, and loved ones in your…

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