ON December 11,2020

Best Herbal Oils for Homemade Soaps

In my five years of professional soapmaking, I’ve discovered herbal oils are a true luxury that adds vitality to homemade soap. Our skin is alive, but lifeless chemicals cannot give back life to the skin. To be “alive,” beauty products and topical formulas should be made purely of plant-based and natural ingredients (Raichur,1997).  As the…

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Ayurvedic Uses Of Herbal Oils | Herbal Academy | Do you know the use of herbal oils in Ayurveda is quite extensive? Here's an introduction to more common Ayurvedic uses of herbal oils to get you started!
  ON March 08,2018

Ayurvedic Uses of Herbal Oils and Ghee

If you enjoy the taste of ghee and the feel of a luscious body oil, it’s for good reason! Not only are fats tasty and skin smoothing, these lipids have the power to tremendously benefit our well-being. In this article, we will largely explore the uses of herbal ghees. You will also be exposed to…

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