8 Ideas to Create a Natural Holiday Home | Herbal Academy | Learn how to use beautiful botanicals and herbal crafts in the natural holiday home to add a special element to the season that is reminiscent of the past.
  ON December 17,2019

8 Ideas to Create a Natural Holiday Home

For many of us, one of the warmest traditions of the holiday season is welcoming in this special time of the year by decorating the space in and around the home. As much as a home festooned with lovely decor heralds in the holiday season, the very act of decorating often brings the most joy!…

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DIY Herbal Wax Sachets for the Home and Gifting | Herbal Academy | Learn to make DIY herbal wax sachets. These little treats will freshen the air without the use of chemicals and make the perfect herbal holiday gift!
  ON December 13,2019

DIY Herbal Wax Sachets for the Home and Gifting

We, herbalists, are always looking for practical ways to capture the beauty, splendor, and awakening we experience when barefoot and intertwined with our herb gardens. The rub of a single mint leaf or the brush of a hand against rosemary or lavender growing in the garden fills our senses with delightful aroma instantly. Our encounters…

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benefits of lavender
  ON July 16,2015

The Benefits Of Lavender In The Family Home

At our house, lavender is a constant friend, helping to keep our home and its occupants safe, clean, and comfortable. Rich with antimicrobial essential oil, lavender helps to naturally clean and refresh the home. Lavender has a relaxing, yet refreshing action, so it is wonderful to have around the house to welcome home weary souls…

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