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Create A Local Materia Medica With Plantain | Herbal Academy |Plantain, with its edible and medicinal uses and widespread availability, is a fantastic addition to your local materia medica list.
  ON July 13,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica With Plantain (+ Plantain Salve Recipe)

Part of the beauty of a local materia medica is its humility, and you can’t get much more humble than plantain (Plantago spp.). Considered a weed the world over, this tenacious and resilient plant steadfastly grows in lawns, fields, roadsides, disturbed land, sidewalk cracks—you name it. And while plantain is often overlooked today (saved by…

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How To Have A Sensational Experience With Oatstraw | The Herbal Academy | Experience the sensation of oatstraw with this vivid post!
  ON February 19,2016

How To Have A Sensational Experience With Oatstraw

by Rebecca Swartwood Salty, sweet, milky, feminine, watery, strengthening, silky, easy… These were my initial impressions after drinking my first cup of oatstraw infusion. It was soothingly thick, almost chewable in my mouth, coating throat and stomach with its healing liquid. As I sat with the tea, I felt strengthened deep into my core, the…

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