All About Dandelion (For Your Materia Medica) | Herbal Academy | Come and learn all about dandelion and its many uses for your materia medica!
  ON June 30,2017

All About Dandelion (For Your Materia Medica)

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is most assuredly a treasured plant in my local materia medica and is appreciated by herbalists throughout temperate regions of the world. Sadly, dandelion is not celebrated by all—due to its penchant to grow and blossom wherever it darn well pleases, it is loathed and poisoned by those who value a pristine…

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9 Edible Flowers and How To Use Them | Herbal Academy | Discover how to use edible flowers and take a closer look at nine of our favorites!
  ON June 09,2017

9 Edible Flowers And How To Use Them

The use of edible flowers in cooking is an act of pure earthly delight! Fragrance and sheer beauty combine to create a truly sensually scrumptious experience right on your plate. You may be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of flowers to enjoy. Discover how to enjoy using edible flowers and take…

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How To Make Dandelion and Fennel Kombucha | Herbal Academy | Kombucha is easy to make at home and you can flavor it to your own liking. Give this dandelion and fennel kombucha a try!
  ON June 08,2016

How To Make Dandelion and Fennel Kombucha

You may have heard about kombucha in recent years as this fermented drink has become quite popular. What you may not know, however, is how easy it is to make at home. The best part is that you can flavor kombucha to your own liking (or not flavor it at all), and you will know…

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A Family Herb: Dandelion | Herbal Academy |The humble dandelion is a surprisingly beneficial plant for every member of the family. Learn how to use this plant for good health!
  ON March 09,2016

A Family Herb: Dandelion

Hillsides and fields awash with vibrant greens and yellow blooms beckon us outside to enjoy warming springtime weather. It’s here, right under our feet, that we may find one of the most treasured plants in the world of herbalism. Well-known by children and often the bane of gardeners, the humble dandelion (Taraxcum officinale) is a…

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  ON April 08,2015

DIY Fine and Dandy Facial Serum

My son and I were out on our walk the other day, and I realized we’re full blown in the middle of spring here in Texas. Everywhere I turn, I am seeing dandelions pop up all over the place! Last spring I taught you how to Sweeten Your Breakfast with Dandelion Flower Syrup, so I…

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6 Spring Herbs You Can Forage Now | Herbal Academy | Foragers everywhere look forward to the first spring foliage that bursts from the earth. Here are 6 spring herbs you can forage now!
  ON April 01,2015

Foraged Skin Care Remedies

Early spring is a wonderful time for foraging. After winter, it is refreshing to finally get outside and gather some healing herbs. Foraging for plants is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of herbs, and to learn more about the gifts that nature offers us. Gathering free wild plants to add to our creations…

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Sweeten Your Breakfast With Dandelion Flower Syrup | Herbal Academy | This spring I vowed I was going to make use of the happy little flower that I grew up thinking was the enemy. I use this dandelion flower syrup on waffles!
  ON May 26,2014

Sweeten Your Breakfast With Dandelion Flower Syrup

Everywhere that I turn, dandelions are popping up out of the ground. Many find them a nuisance, thinking they are just weeds, but dandelions are a wonderfully nutritious herb! Rich in vitamins and minerals, dandelions are known for not just for their medicinal properties, but also their delicious taste in salads, cookies, and syrups. You…

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