Urban Farming in Nashville, Tennessee: A Family Lineage | Herbal Academy | We fancy farmers, and we know you do too. Learn how one Nashville farmer is using urban farming to inspire others in healthy living while continuing her family legacy.
  ON August 03,2018

Urban Farming in Nashville, Tennessee: A Family Lineage

If you find yourself in Nashville enjoying one of its hippest neighborhoods, East Nashville, you may stumble upon an unexpected, yet welcome, attraction: Double N Urban Farm, home to Stomping Ground Herbals. Amidst this growing city that draws new inhabitants estimated at close to 100 people a day (Reicher, 2018), Nashville native, Nicole Mattingly, runs…

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5 Places To Sell Herbal Products | Herbal Academy | Does selling herbal products intimidate you, or do you simply not know where to start? Here's 5 outlets you can use to sell herbal products successfully!
  ON July 12,2018

5 Best Places to Sell Herbal Products

One of the biggest questions facing an entrepreneur is, “How do I make money?” The key difference between being a hobbyist and an entrepreneur is just that: money. If you are an herbalist, you most likely didn’t get into this line of work for money; you came into this field with a passion for plants,…

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