How To Make Immune Stimulating Elderberry Syrup | Herbal Academy | Cold and flu viruses are everywhere! Learn how this immune stimulating remedy can come to your aid.
  ON November 23,2016

How To Make Immune Stimulating Elderberry Syrup

Holy shi…………itake! We are being invaded by cold and flu viruses! But, that doesn’t mean that we are helpless. Instead, we can use simple herbal remedies, such as an immune stimulating elderberry syrup, to support our bodies as they resist viral pathogens like the common cold and flu virus. First of all, no one has…

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  ON August 14,2015

The Benefits of Elderberries Sambucus nigra and Sambucus canadensis

Across the country, the elderberries are turning dark purple or black and herbies everywhere are harvesting them, drying them, and formulating their favorite elderberry preparations for the seasons ahead. In my blog in June, we talked about the plant, the flowers, and some of the wonderful lore and magic that surround the elder. The flowers…

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  ON January 27,2015

A Simple Cold and Flu Remedy with Ginger, Lemon, and Garlic

Like many families, each winter we struggle through cold and flu season; fortunately, it’s usually just a cold. I have a pretty basic natural protocol I follow at the first sign of illness. Therapies like elderberry tincture or syrup, salt baths, lots of warm soothing liquids, and rest can really help support your body to fight off the…

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Cold and flu tea
  ON January 13,2014

8 Herbal Home Remedies For Colds And Flu

I’m Sick – Now What? The cold and flu season is at its peak right now and it hits hard and fast. While prevention is the best defense, what do we do when symptoms hit? Some of us prepare for the cold and flu season in the fall by starting our fire cider and tinctures…

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thyme-5 Kitchen Herbs for Cold and Flu
  ON September 24,2013

Five Kitchen Herbs for Cold Season

Tucked away in our kitchen pantries and cupboards, in our windowsills and gardens, are familiar and friendly herbal mainstays that are as healing as they are flavorful. Like all herbs, culinary herbs also contain minerals, vitamins, and active constituents, and when used properly and in appropriate amounts, can offer potent and comforting options for common…

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