Holy Basil - Herbal Academy
  ON December 07,2016

Adaptogens: 75 Herbal Recipes and Elixirs – Book Review

Adaptogens: 75+ Herbal Recipes and Elixirs to Improve Your Skin, Mood, Energy, Focus, and More by Agatha Noveille is an inspiring read. This book takes a common sense approach to making this class of herbs (which should be on the top of everyone’s list) understandable and approachable. Agatha brings us back to the origin of the…

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The Beginner's Book Of Essential Oils | The Herbal Academy | Want to learn more about essential oils? Here's a little book packed full of practical advice, safe use of essential oils and good common sense.
  ON February 24,2016

Book Review: The Beginners’ Book of Essential Oils

We were given a copy of The Beginners’ Book of Essential Oils to review. The book is written by one of our own Academy graduates, Christine Dalziel of Joybilee Farms. Christine has taken a very complex subject and made it very digestible.  Essential oils are a wonderful tool for health and wellbeing. Christine shares with her readers how to…

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Herbalism Book recommendations – world traditions of herbalism
  ON July 10,2015

5 Enlightening Herbal Books About World Traditions

As a whole, herbalism is made up of many traditions from all over the world. Distinct schools of herbal thought have arisen across many time periods, cultures, and regions of the globe, with one thing in common: they all consider ways that plants help us heal. The theories that developed and the skills that have been passed…

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Medicinal Herb Farmer
  ON June 22,2015

The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer

It comes as no surprise that a fascination with plants was the driving force behind many an herbalist’s chosen path. And while herbalism has many expressions, a strong connection with plants and access to high quality herbs is of paramount importance to all herbalists. For some, the desire to get their hands in the soil…

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  ON June 12,2015

3 Old-Timey Herb Books You Can Read Online

Herbalism is seeing a revival in our times, but there is still much we can learn from herbalists who came before us. The history of herbalism goes far, far back into time with the first known reference to medicinal herbs found on clay tablets of the ancient Sumerians. Many old herbal manuscripts are preserved in libraries…

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Heal Local Giveaway
  ON June 08,2015

Heal Local: 20 Essential Herbs for DIY Home Healthcare

Don’t miss our Heal Local book giveaway! See details at the end of the post! It was just a matter of time before the popularity of the local food movement expanded its influence to herbal medicine. Just like food, locally sourced herbal medicine brings something to the table – or the medicine cabinet, in this…

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Fresh Eggs Daily
  ON May 26,2015

Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens with Fresh Eggs Daily

I’ll just say this up front: if I were a chicken, I’d want to be a chicken in Lisa Steele’s flock. Fortunately for the backyard chickens of the world, in her book Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally the author shares her unique approach to the care and tending of chickens so we all can…

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  ON May 11,2015

6 Herbal Books Worth the Investment

As we tell our herbalism students, herbal books are an invaluable resource for the home herbalist, and growing your home library over time is always a great idea. Having at least three herbal books or resources available is absolutely necessary when studying plants and creating a materia medica. Still, there are so many fantastic books available – where should you…

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treating fevers naturally
  ON February 12,2015

Treating Fevers Naturally

Because there is such a huge interest in natural wellness for family health, specifically children’s issues, we just have to share with you one of our favorite new ebooks! This is a must-read for new mommas. Meagan Visser’s book Treating Fevers Naturally reads like a good friend who came in through the back door and put the tea kettle…

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  ON December 05,2014

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds Review + Giveaway

One of the reasons folks are drawn down the path of herbalism is the powerfully moving experience of reconnecting with wild plants. Humans have co-evolved with plants for millennia and we clearly could not survive without them. But our need for plants goes well beyond oxygen, breakfast, lunch, and dinner — our relationship with plants…

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